Dental Team
2016 Haiti


On May 1, 2015, ISMS Dental Team led by DR. Amul Patel and Dr. Nilesh Patel made its way to Haiti for their third Dental Mission to provide care for those in need.

Cecelia Sorelle, a Navy Dentist joined them for the first time. She has opened a practice in Queens, New York.

Dental Assistants, Ustav Patel, Jamie Patel, Maria Mastrocola also joined our team along with George Solomon our Team Leader.

We worked on the Island of LaGonave, in a small fishing town of Anse A Galet, primarily treating emergency patients as well as doing extractions and fillings. We saw between 80-100 patients a day. We started treating patients on our second day of our trip and continued to see patients every day for a week.

The Dental Team took a three hour trip to Nan Sema, a small village in the mountains for the purpose of helping even more patients in need of dental work.