As part of Operation International’s commitment to the long-term sustainability of our free medical program, and to keep administrative costs to a minimum, we offer our doctors and volunteers the opportunity to be part owners of individual Chapters of our organization. Each Chapter is made up of medical volunteers of certain areas of expertise within a geographic location. Each Chapter is responsible for raising the needed funds, planning and managing logistics of the missions in addition to executing them, thus eliminating the need for many of the ancillary needs with their associated cost.


This model enables us to ensure donors’ contributions directly support our medical missions and projects. Additionally, it enables our teams to have direct involvement with the destination, timing, and other components of each mission and project. Chapters, once mature, have full responsibility in planning their own missions, raising awareness, and raising funds for their endeavors.

Operation International’s unique model is built on the concept of collective ownership and self-governing for volunteers. This pattern of “horizontal growth” has resulted in the creation of a network of partners who share resources, expertise, contacts, and depend on each other for support.