Operation Kids Update


Dear Friends of Operation Kids,

At this time of year we always look forward to having the opportunity to update you on our work when we gather for our annual fundraiser at the horse farm, but this year we have decided to postpone our event until Spring, 2018. So thanks for taking the time to read this update on our work and what led to our decision to postpone our annual gathering:

As many of you may have already heard, our March 2017 medical mission to Satpuli, India was postponed due to complications in India and at our planned hospital site. We have decided to give this site another year to develop and stabilize and have rescheduled this mission to 2019.
Due to the rescheduling of our 2017 mission and the stability of our funds, we have made the decision mentioned above to reschedule our annual fundraiser to next spring. Look for more details to come in early 2018!
Our next mission is a return trip to Techiman, Ghana in January, 2018.
The Smart boards are in! The Kibera School for Girls in Kenya now has two high-tech Genie Smart boards – no small feat in a slum. The boards are in operation for our Global Classroom project and Dr. Peter Walsh’s therapeutic techniques instruction for the Kibera social work team.
On April 1, 2017, the first Global Classroom with 6th grade classes from Saddle River Day School and the Kibera School for Girls was conducted. The students compared the utilization of water in countries like the US and Kenya and explored its importance and scarcity in the slums of Kibera. The goal is to share interactive curriculum with both schools and exchange ideas in math and science, continuing twice a month throughout the academic year.
Peter Walsh, MD is using the boards for training a therapeutic team of social workers to treat girls affected by severe sexual and physical abuse. In March, 2018, Peter will bring a small team to Kibera to conduct an on-site training session and progress assessment.


We sent a container of donations to the SHOFCO medical clinics in the Kibera slum including things like cardiac monitors, wheelchairs, crutches, stretchers, disposable medical supplies, and laptop computers to be used by caregivers for telemedicine. Soccer equipment was donated for the Kibera children’s soccer team. Additionally, 40 desk top computers that will transform the community library were donated, bringing access and computer literacy to the young people there.
A new sickle cell disease initiative is being developed that we will bring with us to Ghana in January. This will include screening and education for parents and children as well as treatment protocols for caregivers. Sickle cell is a common affliction in Africa and we hope to expand this program to other countries as well.
We, of course, are very much looking forward to returning to The Holy Family Hospital in Techiman, Ghana in January 2018. We will follow-up with children we have treated and perform as many new repairs for facial and orthopedic deformities and burns as we can. We also will be able to bring much needed equipment to this hospital as well.

We want to sincerely thank you! We have been able to accomplish all these projects thanks to your very generous past donations and your strong support. As you can see, despite setbacks in scheduling, we have been diligently continuing our dedication to bring as much relief and support as we can to these underserved communities. We are very aware that you may have been planning to support our mission financially again in 2017, so if you would like to make a gift to ISMS Operation Kids before next spring’s fundraiser, we’ve provided a reply envelope for your convenience. As always, we are deeply grateful for your generous support for all we do.


Colleen Brennan and the Operation Kids Team