Team Michigan’s mission to Kakamega, Kenya

Team Michigan’s mission to Kakamega, Kenya, 2013

Dr Mehul Mehta taking a break from packing supplies for the mission to Kakamega.

Vaccinations done- plane seats booked- only thing left is to pack our own carry- on bags and we will be off on our big adventure!

Since our fund raiser last September it has taken many months of planning to get to this point and finally Team Michigan is all set to embark on their first ISMS mission to Kakamega , Kenya.

We have 24 team members from 4 different countries (US, Canada, Ireland and Italy) and from 4 States in the US.We will be traveling 8,000 miles with 60 pieces of luggage full of supplies for the week long surgical mission plus hundreds of flipflops/clothing/toys and school supplies for the local children. Not only will we be operating all week with a team of 2 plastic surgeons and 2 general surgeons but we also have an off site team comprised of a Paediatrician, an ER Physician and a Pharmacist heading out to 4 different sites to reach the people who cannot make it to Kakamega. One of these sites is to an orphanage and another is to a school for the disabled.

- Claire

Team members:

Drs: Mehul Mehta, Matthew Rontal, Praveen Prasad, Shakuntala Advani, Aruna Parekh, Helen Mohan and Rory Whelan
CRNA: Harriet Carty, Priscilla Patterson, Mimi Veloso
Nurses: Jodi Drouillard, Marguerite McMahon, Sandra Cole, Marty Priest, Stephanie Ibarra, Randee Rosenberg, Amanda Brandon, Stacy Oglesby
Surgical Tech: Clifton McAfee
Medical Student: James Gragg
College students: Emily Smith, Lily Mehta
High school student: Meera Prasad
Team Leader: Claire Mehta

Iowa group delayed 24 hrs!! Dallas group itinerary completely changed!! Now getting into nairobi early and on 1st class — I don’t think they are complaining. New york group and detroit group and denver group on way to amsterdam. Hooray!! Going to br a great mission.

Team Michigan checking in

June 9th

After 40 plus hours of travelling, Team Michigan (finally completed by the arrival of our Iowa colleagues–whose flight had been delayed) is now safely in Kakamega.

Today we spent the day in triage, meeting local patients and unpacking, sorting and arranging OR’s for the morning. Tonight, 15 patients are sleeping in the inpatient ward anxiously awaiting their surgeries in the morning. The pediatric outreach team is packed and ready for travel to Butere.

–James Gragg

Stacey Oglesby greeting a patient

OR team unpacking

Patients lining up to be seen

Dr. Helen Mohan evaluating a future patient.

June 10th

Jambo! We have successfully completed our first day of surgeries and first day of the out reach program. The team completed 10 surgeries today while establishing a routine for the rest of the week. The out reach team consisting of the Pediatrician, Aruna Parekh, the Adult physician, Rory Whelan, and the student, Emily Smith, saw over 200 patients in Butere. Everyone is excited about the upcoming week and grateful for this experience. Everyone is well and says hi to their families at home.

—Lily Mehta and Emily Smith

June 12th

Team Michigan Kenya mission update :”Everything is going great…!”

June 13th

3 hour delay from a power outage at the hospital put the team slightly behind schedule but everyone worked hard to try and catch up on the schedule. The off site team traveled 3 hours to Sio Port on Lake Victoria.

Sio Port- off site team

Sio Port- off site team

Sio Port- off site team

OR team waiting to operate and 12 yr old boy- cleft lip

OR team waiting to operate and 12 yr old boy- cleft lip

June 14th

It was a full day yesterday after losing power again for a few hours.We finally got back to the hotel at 11.30pm!!

There was lots of laughter in the OR today and lots of happy parents and patients.

Tomorrow is our last day of surgery and then we start packing and saying goodbye to the kenyan team

Team Michigan – Kakamega mission – Kenya 2013

Team Michigan – Kakamega mission – Kenya 2013

Team Michigan – Kakamega mission – Kenya 2013

Team Michigan – Kakamega mission – Kenya 2013

 June 15th

Team Michigan Kenya mission

first mission for me. what a great experience! worked with some wonderful people . even though we worked hard, it was fun. operating by flashlight/getting beans out of noses/doing surgeries that will change their lives! how great to see the mothers faces when they see their children after facial plastic surgery for the first time! to hear a mom say “now he will have friends”–pulls at your heart! What a wonderful country and people…Marguerite McMahon RN

I joined this mission group not knowing a single member. After this grueling week of surgeries, this has been both an exhilarating and emotional experience on so many levels. My heart goes out to the people of Kakamega….Randee Rosenberg, RN

Fantastic experience… a grueling week or surgery and handling logistical problemst that we have the luxury of not experiencing in the US. The people of Kenya are warm and inviting and our ISMS Team Michigan is second to none!…   Amanda Brandon, RN

We triaged approx 150 surgery patients , operated on 45 and treated approx 600 pts on the outreach. thanks to all the team for a successful mission… Mehul

Team Michigan – Kakamega, Kenya mission 2013

Team Michigan – Kakamega, Kenya mission 2013

Team Michigan – Kakamega, Kenya mission 2013