Team New York Winter Fundraiser

Team New York Winter Fundraiser

A fundraising event to help support Operation International Team New York's upcoming mission to Rakai Uganda. The mission will include treating poor adults and children patients with complex surgical pathology. The team will also provide supplies to orphans in two different locations. The fundraiser will include light fare, drinks, and a silent auction

Dental Team's February Mission to Ecuador

2/17/18: We're Off!

2/18/18: First day

Today was our first day in surgery and we saw 64 patients. In the morning, we mostly saw children from a nearby school that has kids who are either orphans or whose parent/s are in jail. We performed cleanings, bonding restorations, extractions and root canals.

Our patients who underwent treatment were very happy that we were performing multifaceted dentistry, and that we are planning on bringing the rest of their families in for treatment as well!

2/21/18: Happy customers

Today we saw 88 patients -- a mixture of both adults and children! 

Operation Kids' January Ghana Mission 2018

The burden of disease and pediatric burns in Techiman, Ghana is so vast that Operation Kids has committed to a 5 year partnership with the Holy Family Hospital -- the team will return at the same time every year for the next five years. The team is also teaching and educating local doctors and nurses how to perform these life-changing surgeries in order to foster sustainability.

This year, Operation Kids completely outfitted an Operation Room with all new equipment, and had over 213 patients. Operation Kids now has a waiting list of 35 patients for next year.

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1/14/18: First Day of Triage

The first day of triage was overwhelming, we had so many severe plastics and orthopedic cases that for the first time in the history of the Operation Kids missions, we’ve added an extra day of surgery to try to meet the patients needs. 

Stay tuned for more updates!

This is Operation Kids 2nd time here and this time around we were met with double the amount of people seeking help— word must have gotten out about our success the previous mission!

2/1/18: Trip Updates


Above: Dr. Stephanie Cohen coming up with a plan to correct this child's birth defect of 6 fingers from Operation Kids' recent mission to Ghana!

Above: Pictured here is a 6 year old girl named Balkissa. The Operation Kinds Team operated on her in 2016 in Ghana -- she had a very bad burn contracture on her leg/knee, leaving her unable to straighten her leg, walk, or go to school. Without treatment, this contracture could have gone terribly wrong...

Operation Kids just returned from Ghana, and team members were happy to see that Balkissa's leg is completely healed now after their surgery! She can straighten her leg, run, jump out of bed, and walk to school! Her mom (pictured) could not be more grateful!

Above: Dr. Brian Shaw of Operation International teaching Dr. Kusi Kwasi of Ghana, an orthopedic surgical procedure repair of a club foot. 


Above: Cindy Steele, Pediatric Hematologist Oncologist teaching the local Ghanian doctors and nurses about sickle cell disease prevention and treatment. On this mission, we performed 72 surgeries and tested 450 mothers and babies for Sickle Cell. We are also working on validating the effectiveness of a new Sickle Cell Testing Strip, stay tuned for the published results!

Above: Ghana Team with our Operation Kids Team - everyone is included because we are all a team together!


Above: Recovery room nurse Vanessa teaching parents and patients how to play Uno. Numbers and games are universal languages that bring us all together!

Team Michigan Completes Annual Fundraiser - Mt Kilimanjaro Charity Climb


Team Michigan has reached the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro -- 19,341 -- for their annual fundraiser! Thank you for all your support!



Jan 2018 19,341 ft

One step at a time...

Help our hands touch their lives...

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 9.28.14 PM.png

Please show your support as Dr. Mehul Mehta and Dr. Praveen Prasad and Operation International Team Michigan members take one step at a time to the ‘Roof Of Africa’ to raise money for our next mission.

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Important note: all costs for climbing the mountain are covered by the participating team members. Donations are dedicated exclusively to the surgical mission trip. Tax ID #45-0523129

Medical missions are like climbing a mountain:

  • The journey is hard and challenging

  • It takes one step at a time

  • There are many obstacles and challenges along the way

  • You need to dig deep inside and always keep the goal in sight

  • It cannot be done without great support and encouragement from other

  • It’s a team effort!

  • Reaching and finally completing the goal is life changing

After a very successful mission to Ghana in January 2017, we will be heading back to Techiman, Ghana in 2018. We hope that you will support us as we make plans to reach out to this remote and underserved area of the world. Want to know more? See scenes from Dr. Mehta’s 2017 mission to the Philippines with the Operation International New York Team at:

Techiman, Ghana 2017

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Operation Kids Update

Operation Kids Update

Dear Friends of Operation Kids,

At this time of year we always look forward to having the opportunity to update you on our work when we gather for our annual fundraiser at the horse farm, but this year we have decided to postpone our event until Spring, 2018. So thanks for taking the time to read this update on our work and what led to our decision to postpone our annual gathering: