Project GypSEAS - Philippines

The Sama Dilaut (literally translates as, “People of the Sea”), popularly known as Badjaos, is the most marginalized ethnic group and one of the poorest tribes in the Philippines. The Sama Dilaut Community, composed mostly of Muslim, is labeled by the community as thieves and tramps, thus, shunned by almost everyone. In addition, the Sama Dilaut tribe has been stigmatized to be uneducated and dependent on alms they ask on the streets of Davao City. Also, by tradition, the hardworking and proud Badjao people are sea nomads, travelling by boat from one island to the other in search of fishing harvest. (Jong, 2010)

Hence, Project GypSEAS (Security, Empowerment, and Sustainability) aims to help the Sama Dilaut Community in Rainbow Community, Seaside, Matina Aplaya, Davao City. Project GypSEAS is a transformative community development project that aims to develop a secured, empowered, and sustained Sama Dilaut Community. Through this initiative, the optimal goal is to breakaway the stigma that has been put to the Sama Dilaut Community through programs such as Happy Fish Kids. With this, the project, through the Happy Fish Kids program under the internal project management, will assist in improving their daily lives by providing better access to education which shall help them achieve a secured, empowered, and sustainable community. Your support will then go the feeding of the kids after the volunteers (we already have over 100 of them) teach them. The volunteers also include newly licensed Dietitians and Nutritionists. They will keep track of the improvements of the kids and I shall report it to you whenever possible. Herein attached are the Cycle Manuals and Modules so you know what topics we teach them each Saturday and you can have a better grasp of what the kids will get from the program.