Team NY Uganda April 2018 Updates!

4/5/18: We're Off!

Operation International Team NY is off to Rakai, Uganda for our 22nd mission! 


4/6/18: Touchdown

Team NY has touched down in Rakai, Uganda! We recently shipped 2 containers with approximately $600,000 worth of equipment and supplies to provide the hospital with:

1. 3 modern and fully functioning operating rooms including operating room tables, lights, electrocautery machines, suction machines, anesthesia machines, patients monitors, etc

2. 5-bed modern recovery room including stretchers, patients monitors, suction machines, etc

3. 3-bed ICU, with 2 ventilators, patient monitors and other items

4. 2 EKG machines

5. 2 newborn warmers

6. 6 patient Transportation stretchers

7. 10 wheelchairs

8. Hundreds of blankets, bedsheets, pillowcases, patients gowns

9. Enough disposable medical supplies for approximately 500 operations

10. Hundreds of pieces of clothes and shoes, educational material, coloring material, hygiene items, etc. for orphans and poor families

4/5/18: Greeted by the Queen!

Saturday, Operation International Team NY was greeted at the airport by Uganda Minster of Public Services, and later was received by the Queen who gave flowers to team members in appreciation of their work. 

4/9/18: Rough conditions

We are working under some of the most difficult circumstances to treat poor and sick patients who otherwise will go untreated.

Our children in Uganda! <3

Our children in Uganda! <3

4/11/18: Surgeries underway

For the past three days, Team NY worked 16 hours every day to change many lives. Procedures included removing a big tumor from the neck of this beautiful 8 year old girl and many more. Stay tuned!

4/12/18: Improvisation 


Today in Uganda: patients had to be examined on the grass due to lack of space. Patients are lining up for treatments, and we are doing out best to make sure everyone is taken care of.