Treating a neck tumor - Team ENT – Ecuador 2012

It was Tuesday and surgeries had already been underway for a day and a half. Screening of patients officially ended on Saturday however we continued to evaluate and treat patients in between operations. Dr. Ciecko had just finished removing a parotid tumor when he was pulled aside. An elderly women had traveled 3 hours after hearing that the head and neck surgeons were in town. She had a right sided large thyroid goiter that was compressing her trachea and swallowing tube. Her daughter pleaded with tears in her eyes to help her mother. She stated that the doctors there had turned her away. As a last minute decision she was added on for surgery the following day. On Wednesday she underwent a thyroidectomy that removed the tumor from her neck and below her sternum. She recovered the following day and returned to her village with a open airway and improved swallowing thanks to TEAM ENT.