The Gala Makes Medical Missions Happen. Join Us and Make a Difference.

September 2, 2022

When we founded Operation International 25 years ago, never could I have imagined how big and impactful it would be today.

Everything we have accomplished together has truly exceeded my wildest expectations:

  • Dozens of missions completed
  • Tens of thousands of patients treated
  • Thousands of children are being fed, sheltered, and educated
  • Countless lives saved and hope restored
  • Bases established in multiple countries to ensure long-lasting impact


We’ve come a long way since the first annual Gala was a small event in my backyard.

Contrast that with last year’s Gala, where 400+ people attended! Needless to say, my home is no longera suitable venue.

Seeing the love and support of so many people, locally and from afar, is nothing short of amazing. The Gala is a perfect occasion for all of us to celebrate the changes we are making in the world.

Here we are at 25 years, yet I still feel like Operation International is just getting started.

We’ve done a lot and there’s so much more we can do together.  

As of July 2022, I have decided to devote 100% of my time and effort to OI, and as an organization we’re ready to take things to the next level: more missions, more volunteers, more chapters, more countries, but more importantly thousands more of poor people will have access to our services.

 The annual Gala plays a huge role in expanding our positive reach in the world, and you can contribute to those efforts.

My Background, Why I Created Operation International, and The Gala

Born and raised in a farming community in Egypt, I always believed my future was beyond the little town I grew up in.

Sure enough, I was able to reach some of my goals and dreams by becoming a surgeon and moving to the US, where I was able to advance my medical education and career.

While I am no longer in the small farming community, I never forgot the experiences growing up there. Poverty and suffering were real things you’d see and feel all around you; they were not an abstract concept.

And since moving to the US, I’ve always felt a strong desire to share my skills and resources not jus there, but around the globe, helping those whose shoes I used to be in at one time.

I’ve met many good-hearted people here and abroad who share a passion to do good in the world with their talents and resources. Combine that with my personal drive and a world in need, and you have Operation International.

Year by year, word has spread, and the organization has grown. Our medical missions have a long-lasting impact on the communities we are serving, as we think beyond a short-term visit to a country. When Operation International visits a place, we bring and leave behind medical supplies, and equipment, and we provide education and training to doctors and students alike.

Each year the Gala is instrumental in helping to raise the funds needed for our missions, and the patients we treat are incredibly appreciative for all the support.

Check out this video of a patient whose tumor we removed on a recent mission to Bolivia. The patient and his family are extremely grateful for the treatment they otherwise would have never had if not for your generosity.

As Saturday, October 8th approaches, I can’t wait to be in good company with all of you at The Gala. Seeing old and new friends alike at this time each year is such a joy!

Combine our good company with an evening of dinner, drinks, music, dancing, and a silent auction, we are sure to have a wonderful time and contribute to a good cause!

To purchase your Gala tickets, visit this link here.

See you there!