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How we operate

As part of Operation International’s commitment to the long-term success of our free medical programs, we've adopted the philosophy of collective partnership, where all our teams — called "Chapters" — are equal partners of the charity and its future.

Each of our chapters:

  • Has full autonomy on their day to day decisions
  • Is financially independent
  • Comprises medical volunteers in certain areas of expertise and/or geographic regions
  • Is responsible for raising the needed funds for their work
  • Plans and manages the logistics of their missions
  • Capitalizes on the creativity and resources of each team member

This model enables us to ensure that donors’ contributions go directly to support their chosen medical missions and projects. Additionally, it enables us to select volunteers who are serious about making volunteerism part of who they are.

This model has provided optimal conditions for the horizontal growth of OI, which resulted in the creation of a network of strong and equal partners who share resources, expertise, contacts, and work to support each other.