About our team

Operation International UK is:

  • Incorporated in England
  • Registered with the Charities Commission of England and Wales
  • Managed by registered trustees on a voluntary basis

Operational International UK is affiliated with Operation International Ltd and shares the same values, ethos and mission.

Please read our:

Operation International UK has recently organized a fundraiser for Nelson, a beautiful 1 and a half year old Ghanaian boy who developed a tragic complication following circumcision when he was only a few months old. If you'd like to help Nelson get a life-changing surgery click here.

Funds raised by Operation International UK will be exclusively used to support our missions, with 95 - 99% of funds raised going directly to host hospitals.

Our mission is to change and save as many lives as possible by providing free surgical care to people in need, regardless of gender, cultural, ethnic, political or religious affiliations, in countries around the world. To ensure that our efforts impact underserved communities for years to come, we also offer education and training to local health care workers during each of our missions. We rely 100% on donations of money, time, and clinical skills.

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