Volunteer FAQ

Thank you for considering joining one of Operation International's teams. Since 1996, OI has carried out many successful missions to poor countries in Africa, South America, and Asia. Throughout our history, we have welcomed all volunteers, and most if not all our volunteers have become part of Operation International's family of volunteers.

Once you are assigned to a team, you will have full access to the team leader who will be able to provide answers to questions you may have beyond what is addressed below — including specific information regarding the site and the mission you are assigned to.

Whom should I consult regarding questions or suggestions once I join a team?

The team leader will be able to answer all your questions, and more than happy to assess any suggestions you may have.

What is my financial responsibility once I join a team?

Operation International covers the cost of travel, accommodation, transportation, and all other expenses related to the mission.  We ask all our volunteers to start a Go-Fund-Me page on their social media platforms with the goal of raising $2500 towards the cost of the travel and supplies.  We ask that every volunteer does his/her best to raise those funds, however if a volunteer does his/her best and ends up short OI will cover the balance, so you don’t have any financial responsibility, but rather a moral responsibility to do your best to help the charity.

What vaccination should I get before traveling?

All travelers to African countries must have ON THEM upon arrival a proof of Yellow Fever and Covid vaccination.  Otherwise, we ask all our volunteers to check the CDC/national equivalent website for any recommendations regarding the destination country.

Will my family be able to contact me, or will I be able to contact them?

The week prior to any mission the team leader will provide all volunteers with the contact information of our support team on the ground who will be available to answer any call.  In most countries there is both cellular service and internet access, so you will be able to contact your family whenever you need, though some of those services charge for access.

What will happen if I get sick while traveling?

Operation International purchase evacuation insurance for all volunteers that provides coverage for both the treatment and transportation of the volunteers back to their home country.  The terms of those policies are set by the insurance providers, so they may vary.

Where will I be staying during the mission?

All team members, including the team leader, will be staying together at a hotel or a guesthouse that are clean, properly maintained, and safe.

What type of meals will I receive, and what if I have food restrictions?

All meals are clean, and are prepared by a local caterer commissioned by OI.  If you have food restrictions or preference you will need to notify the team leader in advance to make sure such has been communicated to the caterer.