We provide free medical care to those in need in underserved countries.


We train local physicians to pave the way for better care moving forward.


We combat the cycle of poverty by helping orphans.


We improve hospital infrastructure in underserved countries.

Our goal

Improving communities in underprivileged countries around the world

At Operation International, we:

Provide free surgical & medical care to patients
Train local medical professionals
Improve hospital infrastructures
Provide shelter and education to orphans

In addition to our healthcare efforts, we are committed to combating the cycle of poverty that further besets the lives of children — and particularly orphans — in the communities we serve.

Operation International provides material assistance to meet the children's immediate needs for proper nutrition, clothing, housing, and education. We also help orphanages with sustainable sources of electricity, water, and food.

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Our impact

Help us make more miracles!

Thanks to your support, we provide hundreds of life-changing operations to patients around the world at no cost to them.

Highlights from 2022:
Operation International medical volunteers helping children
Blinds had their eyesight restored
Major general surgeries
Reconstructive dental procedures
Head & neck tumors removed
Gynecological tumors removed
Orphans are sheltered & educated in our 3 orphanages
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Our latest work

Who we are

We are a group of medical volunteers from across the globe who have a passion for helping communities in need. Our teams travel to many poor countries to provide free medical care and to help the local doctors and nurses improve their skills.

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How we operate

Operation International is made up of multiple teams — called chapters — located in the USA, UK, Spain, and Hong Kong. Each operates independently and raises the funds for their own missions.

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