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The team specializes in maxillofacial, pediatric plastic and general pediatric surgery. In 2024, Dr. Fernando Almas, who has been in over 70 missions, took over the leadership position of Operation Kids with ambitious plans to expand the reach of the team to countries in Asia and South America.

In 2019 The Cervical Cancer Prevention and Training program was launched, with the goal to help decrease the number women dying from cervical cancer. Cervical Cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death for women in many African and developing countries. This is largely do to lack of access to preventive care such as annual cervical cancer screening and HPV vaccinations. Our program provides screening and early intervention treatment for pre-cancerous lesions. Part of this program is training the local midwives and nurses on screening and treatment techniques along with donation of essential medical equipment for them to use in their future practice.

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