Kenya 2019

Mission Goals
  • Cervical Cancer Prevention and Training Program
  • Group Therapy training for Social Workers helping girls who have been victims of gender-based violence

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Mission details

Kibera, Kenya is the second largest slum in Africa; approximately 800,000 people live in this slum with little access to clean water or health services. Life is not easy.

In partnership with SHOFCO, Dr.Peter Walsh developed a training program to help the SHOFCO social workers implement group therapy treatment sessions to address gender-based violence in their patient population.

It is estimated that 1 out of 3 girls will be victims of gender-based violence in her lifetime.

Dr. Walsh trained 15 social workers, created a working manual for their future practice and videotaped training sessions to use during their sessions. This is an ongoing program supported virtually by Dr. Walsh.  

In addition, we ran a cervical cancer prevention and training program along with the OI Women's Health team. We screened and treated over 450 women and trained 8 midwives and nurses in Visual Inspection with Acidic Acid (VIA) and Cryotherapy for precancerous lesions. Two Cryotherapy machines were donated for use in eh SHOFCO clinics.

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