Sponsor an orphan

“To the world, I may be one person, but to one person, I may be the world."

Thousands of orphans are lost to life in Rakai, Uganda. Only “the lucky ones” end up in one of the few orphanages there. Currently there are only 4 orphanages to serve thousands of young children who became orphans due to AIDS, yellow fever, malaria, and many other endemic diseases and poverty.

Over the last several years, Operation International rebuilt the dormitory and school at the Rakai Infant and Primary School Orphanage. We also added washrooms, solar panels, and many other amenities to make life a bit easier for those children.

Sarah, the caretaker of the orphanage, wrote us a little note about each child so that we don’t forget them. The amount of suffering these kids have endured is incomprehensible.  Each story is heartbreaking on its own, and it goes to prove that life can sometimes be harsh and even unfair.