Ghana 2016

Mission Goals
  • Performed 68 life changing surgeries  
  • Donated $150,000 worth of medical equipment to the Holy Family Hospital
  • Treated 700 patients in our mobile clinics

Team members

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Mission details

The Holy Family Hospital is very dear to our hearts. This is where Team NY saved the life of Sadik, one of the most inspirational children we have come across. He now is attending school and is paving his way towards becoming a doctor and saving lives. “I imagine saving lives in the future because how they saved mine made me happy. If not, I wouldn’t have been around by this time” Click here to read Sadik’s full story.

Our goal for this mission was to reach out to as many children as possible and to provide free medical care for them. To accomplish this we provided extensive training to the local professionals so that they can perform essential surgeries after we leave. Our training included days of lectures in the classroom and side by side training.

We also set up clinics in a rural town named Nokoranza and mobilized the pediatric outreach team so that we could provide free medical care to children in remote areas. Over the course of a week we were able to treat 700 patients in our mobile clinics.

Some cases we had included: club feet, severe burns, and facial deformities. Watch the video below to learn more about the surgeries we performed.

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