How Operation International Helped Reunite a Family

July 17, 2022

It’s been an active and exciting time for Operation International these last few months, as our teams have completed their medical missions in Ghana and Bolivia.

While we’re certainly pleased with the number of patients we've treated, it brings us even more joy to share with you the stories of those who receive these life-changing operations.

Meet Ibar from Paraguay

Ibar had been suffering from an enlarged tumor that not only brought him pain, but a sense of shame.

He felt hopeless and embarrassed, so much so that he left his own family. With neither the means nor access to treatment, he planned to live the rest of his alone with the tumor.

Regardless of how he felt about his condition, Ibar’s family still loved him and they wanted him back. Ibar had been suffering from the tumor for nearly 30 years, and for many of those years, he had been away from family.

When his family learned about Operation International, they contacted us, and we assured them that Ibar’s tumor could be removed.

Ibar missed his family dearly, but only without the tumor would he return. When his family shared the news he can receive this necessary treatment, he accepted the offer.

Your generous support made it possible for Ibar to get the treatment.

Hope Delivered

Ibar traveled from Paraguay to meet with Operation International in Bolivia. Sure enough, the operation was successful.

The successful operation not only restored Ibar’s confidence and outlook on life, but he is now fully reunited with his family, tumor-free.

These operations go beyond just helping the patient; these medical missions touch the lives of countless loved ones as well.

In this case, a family is back together again, and there is nothing more beautiful than that.

Helping a family reunite, that is what Operation International is most proud of.

Your continued support can help more families like Ibar’s, and for that, we are most appreciative and happy to share with you the good work being performed.