More Than 500 Lives Were Changed During Operation International’s June Missions

July 25, 2023

Whether a hernia repair, the removal of an invasive tumor, or a cataract surgery that provides the gift of sight–each surgery performed by Operation International’s medical professionals is the chance to change someone’s life for the better. In June, that chance was granted for a staggering 543 patients around the world.

Three Operation International teams who set off on missions during June–Team Spain, Team Surgical Relief and Operation Restore Vision—completed a collective 543 surgeries for patients in Ghana and Uganda. Below is a look at each of their impressive missions.

Team Spain

In their first trip to Uganda, Team Spain completed more than 120 surgeries in just eight days in the country.

Among the life-changing procedures were more than 40 thyroidectomies, or the removal of enlarged thyroid goiters that are common in Uganda given iodine deficiencies. In addition to causing visible growths on the neck, thyroid goiters can make it difficult for patients to breathe.

Team Spain was also able to remove a 24-pound benign tumor that a man had been living with for 25 years and performed a life-saving operation on a man sick with a bowel twist. During the trip, volunteers also were able to check on Operation International's progress on orphanages and schools it is building in the country.

Team Spain was first coordinated by Dr. Carmen Nofuentes, who spent all of 2021 at the Holy Family Hospital of Techiman, Ghana.

Team Surgical Relief

In another successful June mission, Team Surgical Relief performed an amazing 85 operations during just four and a half days in Ghana.

These surgeries included hernia repairs in both children and adults, removal of large thyroid tumors, and various general surgical and plastic surgery procedures. One highlight of these surgeries was the successful removal of a nasal mass.

“Through the support and generosity of those who have contributed to Operation International, Team Surgical Relief was able to restore these patients to health and, in many cases, treat disfiguring conditions that affect their ability to function in society,” said the team’s leader, Dr. John O’Shea.

Team Surgical Relief traveled to Ghana with two general surgeons, two head and neck surgeons, one certified nurse anesthetist, one surgical technologist, and other support staff.

Operation Restore Vision

Last but certainly not least to head out on a mission in June was Operation Restore Vision, whose important work extended into the first week of July.

The team, who have been leading eye surgical mission trips since 2009, completed an extremely impressive 338 surgeries during their week in Ghana. The trip was the team’s first mission in the country.

The majority of surgeries Operation Restore Vision typically performs are for cataracts, which are the leading cause of blindness worldwide. Many patients in Ghana traveled from five or six hours away to receive one of the sight-saving surgeries from the Operation International team.

The Operation Restore Vision team is made up of 15 doctors, nurses and medical technicians.

Thank You!

None of these missions would be possible without your continued support for Operation International. Your generosity means the world to not only the 543 patients whose lives were changed by these trips, but the doctors and medical professionals who are able to bring their expertise to those in need around the world.