Operation International Expands its Reach with New Teams

August 30, 2023

The vast array of hardworking medical experts that make up Operation International’s teams are the driving force behind the life-changing impact the organization has around the world. It is because of these dedicated teams that more people across the globe can get the medical care they need.

This year, an impressive four new teams will join the Operation International roster, including two that will set off on their first missions this September. September also includes an exciting return to Bolivia for Team Dental.

Here’s a look at what Operation International’s new groups of medical experts have in store:

Team Cleft Repair

The first of Operation International’s new teams to kick off its medical missions, Team Cleft Repair will provide much-needed medical care to those in Vietnam starting September 10.

The team has been hard at work raising money and setting up for their trip, including packing dozens of boxes of supplies that they will bring along on their trip to Hue University Medicine Hospital. The team will focus on providing much-needed medical care to children born with cleft lip and palates, which occurs in one out of every 700 births worldwide and can put children at greater risk for malnutrition, poor health, and poverty.

Team Cleft Repair will also provide education to local surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses.

“We have some of the most adept surgeons, anesthesiologists, physicians, NPs, nurses and administrative members that have graciously volunteered their time efforts and monies to helping someone thrive and changing lives one smile at a time,” Team Cleft Lip Nursing Director Jeannie Labat Butler said of the upcoming mission.

Team Florida

Also heading out on their maiden mission in September is Team Florida, who will bring multi-disciplinary expertise to Operation International’s base in Techiman, Ghana.

Team Florida will travel in late September to the country, where Operation International has a base and logistical infrastructure form which to provide medical care to a large number of patients. The experienced medical team is equipped to handle general surgery, pediatric surgery, and plastic surgery needs.

“Our goal is to deliver safe and high quality healthcare while leaving knowledge for other surgeons to render the same care,” members said.

More Expertise to Come

Two other exciting teams Operation International has formed this year include a neurology team and an orthopedic team.

Team Ortho was formed by Dr. Kenneth Sands, the team organizer, and Dr. Scott Miller, who both completed their fellowships in hip and knee reconstruction at the Florida Orthopedic Institute. The team will be based out of Melbourne, FL, and will achieve Dr. Sands longtime dream of providing an improved life through increased mobility to people in less fortunate areas of the world.

Operation International’s Neuro Team was formed in 2023 by Dr. Sarah Jernigan. The team  will kick off with a mission to Bhutan in the spring of 2024, Operation Interational’s second trip to the country in the organization's history.

Thank You

Each of these exciting new teams are only made possible with generous supporters. With your help, the organization is able to bring life-saving medical care to more people across the world than ever before.