Team Chicago’s Second Trip to Ghana Off to a Promising Start

April 26, 2023

After a successful first mission in Ghana in 2022, Team Chicago returned to the country this April to continue their life-changing work.

The team of 15 dedicated medical professionals–many of whom have previously traveled with Team Chicago–set up in the community of Techiman and got to work on Sunday, April 23. They will spend a total of six days in the country.

In just the first day, team members completed an incredible 65 procedures and surgeries. The goal for the mission is to build on last year’s work, when Team Chicago was able to perform 112 surgeries in Ghana in just days.

Team Chicago was launched in 2019 by Dr. Edie Chan. The 2023 Ghana trip marks their third medical mission overall and their second in the country.

A Lighter and Brighter Future

Team Chicago’s work in Ghana has already provided dozens of patients with brighter futures. 

Among the life-changing surgeries have been the removal of several large masses or tumors, including a 16.5 pound mass on a man’s neck and a man who had lived six years with a large tumor on his groin. These procedures not only alleviate physical pain, but provide a new quality of life for these patients.

Many patients on Team Chicago’s ongoing mission in Ghana have been children. 

The team has already performed several cleft lip and palate repairs and have more of these important procedures scheduled for later in the week.

Occurring in one out of every 700 births worldwide, a cleft lip or palate can put children at greater risk for malnutrition, poor health, and poverty. But despite the ability to repair the birth defect, travel costs and other barriers make it so many people in low-and middle-income countries do not get the surgery until later in life if at all.

Thank You For Making it Possible

Team Chicago’s work in Ghana would not have happened without your generosity. The continued support for Operation International’s work means many more patients will benefit from these life-changing surgeries and medical treatment. 

In Ghana, these missions are especially important given that the coronavirus crisis exposed huge gaps in the healthcare system of the developing West African nation. Particularly in the country’s rural areas, dire shortages of medical personnel and a lack of hospitals, clinics and pharmacies have long forced patients to rely on traditional African medicine or travel great distances to access modern healthcare. 

With your support, Operation International is making a difference for those who need it most. Stay tuned with Operation International to learn more about Team Chicago’s work in Ghana!