Bolivia 2022

Mission Goals

Team New York's first mission to San Juan de Dios Hospital in Bolivia was incredibly successful.

A major highlight of the dozens of surgeries performed was a complicated tumor removal on a man named Ibar. Ibar, who traveled from Paraguay for the operation, had been living away from his family for nearly 30 years due to the shame of the large tumor on his neck. Operation International surgeons successfully removed the tumor and reunited Ibar with his family.

Other important work included hernia repair, cleft lip and palate repair, gynecological surgeries, setting up teaching courses for local medical personnel and donating supplies.


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Mission details

Operation International's oldest team, members of Team NY have still not tired of the exhausting yet fulfilling work of completing a medical mission.

“I get to practice medicine for what I went into medicine for," gynecologist and Team NY member Vito Alamia, MD said. "There’s not many ways where you can say I concretely made a difference in this person’s life and to do that 28 times in one week is amazing to me."

Team NY has traveled to more than 20 countries since launching Operation International with its maiden mission to Haiti in 1997.

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