Bolivia 2023

Mission Goals

Team Dental traveled back to Bolivia for the second time and offered expert dental care to an amazing 255 patients over five days. The team also taught local students aesthetic techniques and procedures, plus surgical skills taught by oral surgeon and new team member Dr. Timothy Leung.


Team members

Nilesh Patel
Amul Patel
Timothy Leung
Anderson Benavides
Natalia Fernandes
Brian Alvarez
Grecia Solano de Vasquez

Mission details

During their second mission in Bolivia, several patients traveled from far distances to access the treatment they need. Among these patients was a woman from the rural area of Tarija who had lost multiple teeth over the years but had been hesitant to be treated due to the cost of dental lab work, which Operation International was able to sponsor. The team was able to restore her entire mouth. During the trip, Team Dental also provided comprehensive care for a 22-year-old patient with special needs, a goat herder from the countryside of Bolivia and a woman who required root canals, extractions, re-habilitation of teeth, and new front teeth.

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