Ecuador 2012

Mission Goals
  • Our first mission and it took 2 years to prepare for it, so it was nice to finally see the team working in great harmony
  • We performed 55 operations, and the local newspaper wrote an article about our work
  • We trained some of the local doctors on some of the procedures that they are not familiar with, it was nice near the end of the mission to see them performing something new

Team members

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Mission details

We performed 55 cases over the week.  These included several functional septoplasty/rhinoplasties, thyroidectomies including a large substernal goiter, parotidectomy, excision of neck mass, functional endoscopic sinus surgery, cleft lip and palate repair, as well as two facial traumas added on as emergencies.

On Saturday we met with Carlos ( the local politician of el Oro province).  He treated us to fresh ceviche at a shrimp farm.  The hospital was very gracious and I was able to meet with the health minister of el Oro as well as the director of the hospital and presented our room of supply donations in a formal manner on Friday after our last cases.  They were very very pleased with our two teams and essentially made me promise to return with another team!

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