Ghana 2014

Mission Goals
  • Performed 68 life changing/saving surgeries
  • Saved a life of an 11 year old boy that was destined to die from enlarged spleen
  • Performed the first advanced laparoscopic gynecological procedure in Ghana’s history
  • Donated $250,000 worth of equipment to the Holy Family Hospital
  • Upgraded all anesthesia equipment in all the operating rooms

Team members

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Mission details

This trip was very emotional for all who participated. The Holy Family Hospital has upwards of 250,000 patients every year, but only has 3 Operating room, which lacks proper equipment. Many of the cases are extremely severe and painful. Some of the most common are fibroids (abnormal growths that develop in a woman’s uterus), bleeding, tumors, and extreme burns. There is no local plastic surgeon to heal any of these burns. We were very happy to be able to give these people a more functional life through plastic surgery. We were also able to relieve a woman of a fibroid the size of a watermelon.

The team’s goals included assessing the hospital to see what they needed so that they can provide them these supplies. This goal is extremely important as it allows Operation International to have a lasting, sustained effect on the hospital and in the community. The other goal is to perform life changing surgeries to those in need. With a donation of about $250,00 worth of medical equipment and technology, we achieved both of these goals. Ibrahim Friko, an OBGYN at the Holy Family Hospital, even got to perform a the very first laparoscopically vaginal hysterectomy in all of Ghana, one that he never even dreamt of performing. “They brought us equipment and taught us how to use it and I’m happy that I was part of the pioneering team that ever performed this surgery.”

One case in particular left many in tears and with a new sense of gratitude. This was the case of Sadiq, a 12-year-old boy with a spleen that ended up in his diaphragm, leaving him too weak to be able to go to school, play with friends, and participate in daily activities. Read Sadiq’s full story.

"Sometimes you get a case that catches your eye or heart… this young boy was extremely smart, but what really got us was his sense of gratitude. He was praying for US, that’s what got us."

"I am unable to do anything because my spleen is too dangerous to operate on. If I get no operation I may not have the luck to stay on this planet. I thank God for being alive. I pray for all of you because you also have daughters and sons like me."

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