Ghana 2017

Mission Goals
  • Performed 87 major operations
  • Proctor several surgeons on plastic surgical procedures that should allow them to help hundreds of children in the future
  • Donated several surgical equipment that should improve the operating room capability
  • Created protocols for per and postoperative care that aimed at improving surgical outcome

Team members

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Mission details

Ghana is one of the developed bases that Operation International runs in Africa.  The hospital was in deprecated conditions in 2014 when Operation International visited it for the first time.

Over the course of the last 3 years, Operation International shipped several containers with equipment and supplies that significantly improved the operating rooms, recovery room, ICU, and pediatric ICU.

Also over the last 3 years several teams of our organization visited the hospital and worked tirelessly training the local doctors and nurses.

Upon our arrival this year we were amazed at the degree of progress that has been achieved due to that cooperation.

The operating rooms were running smoothly, the staff was more upbeat, and the level of patients care was satisfactory.  Despite all of this, it is still long way to go for us to bring the number of backlogged cases under control.

Blog articles

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