Ghana 2022

Mission Goals

Team Chicago performed an amazing 112 surgeries during their first trip to Ghana.

Among the highlights was the removal of a facial tumor from a local teacher who had been unable to work because of the growth. The team also saw several thyroid goiters, including a five-pound mass they were able to remove from a 72-year-old woman, Mary, who had been living with it for 30 years. Mary had been unable to make a living selling at the market or visit her children because of the goiter. Due to the complicated nature of the surgery, she would not have had the operation had it not been for the specialists from Operation International.


Team members

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Mission details

The 2022 mission was Team Chicago's first visit to Ghana after forming in 2019. The team is led by Dr. Edie Chan.

In addition to goiter and tumor excisions, Team Chicago performed general surgery, plastics, head and neck, and gynecology surgeries while in the West African nation and made it a priority to teach local hospital staff throughout the mission.

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