Ghana 2023

Mission Goals

In Team Surgical Relief’s first mission since the COVID-19 pandemic, they completed 83 surgeries in just days in Ghana. These life-changing operations included 17 on children, several of which needed hernia repairs. The team also completed an impressive excision of a nasal mass.


Team members

John O'Shea
Stacy Reed
OR Nurse
Sarah Ducharme
General Surgeon
John Pickens
Head and Neck Surgeon
Rachel Irizarry
Head and Neck Surgeon
Kathleen Jasper
Mariana Nunes
Daniel D'Almeida
Registered Nurse

Mission details

Team Surgical Relief's first medical mission in three years came at a critical time for Ghana, where the coronavirus crisis exposed huge gaps in the healthcare system. Particularly in the country’s rural areas, dire shortages of medical personnel and a lack of hospitals, clinics and pharmacies have long forced patients to rely on traditional African medicine or travel great distances to access modern healthcare. 

The team and Operation International stood ready to address these urgent needs. During its mission, Team Surgical Relief delivered expert care to those who need it most, all while training local healthcare workers to ensure their impact will extend beyond when Operation International leaves the country. 

These missions–and the life-changing care they bring to those in need–are made possible with your generosity.

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