Guatemala 2017

Mission Goals
  • 2017 brought us to our 3rd visit to Guatemala — we were able to reach deeper to serve patients from many hours away (such as the child with the facial deformity in the video).
  • We were able to establish post-op care for patients with thyroid cancer and lymphoma by establishing inroads with local oncology and endocrine doctors.
  • We were able to donate medications, supplies and a new surgical harmonic scalpel to the local teams.

Team members

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Mission details

This is our third visit to the same site.  Since our visit there we have worked closely with the local doctors who proved worthy of our effort, thus we agreed on a several-year commitment to help them develop enough expertise and skills to handle more complex cases.

This visit proved that our initial judgement was correct and our cooperation with the local doctors continues to bring good results.

We also agreed on keeping on contact with the local doctors in between the missions to help guide them on postoperative care of some of our patients, and to also provide them with consultation on any difficult cases they may have.

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