Haiti 2018

Mission Goals
  • This is our last planned mission to Haiti for the foreseeable future.
  • Our previous work, training of local staff, and donation of equipment made dental care possible and available for this area.
  • The team worked 12-14 hours every day providing dental care, and reconstructive dental procedures to hundreds of patients.
  • It was a wonderful feeling to see how our years of work there finally resulted in improved dental care to the local people.

Team members

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Mission details

This mission marked two simultaneous events. The first was for us to observe the result of our years of work there, training staff and donating equipment to build up dental care in that area.

The second it marked the end of our work there for the coming years since we feel that our job is done.

It was bittersweet to carry out the last mission in Haiti, many good memories mixed up with the feeling that we are not coming back soon.

Due to our history of working there, upon arrival there were hundreds of patients waiting, which kept the team busy for long hours every day.  At the end, we feel that it was a job well done.

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