India 2009

Mission Goals
  • Performed 87 major operations including general, laparoscopic, gynecological, and plastic and reconstructive complex procedures
  • Trained and worked closely with many of the local surgeons, particularly in the field of advanced laparoscopic surgery both in the field of general and gynecological surgeries
  • Provided hand-on training to the local nurses on many aspects of patients care particularly in postoperative and critical care aspects

Team members

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Mission details

The mission took over 2 years to schedule, the most difficult part was coordinating with the government and port authorities to allow our large amount of equipment and supplies safely into the country.  Due to the large number of potential patients we had daily communications between our doctors and the local doctors to allow for proper screening and work up of the patients and eventually finalize the case list.  Despite that there were hundreds more patients in waiting, some with sever disfigurement due to burns. The team worked for 14-15 hours every day, and in some cases several of our surgeons had to work together due to the complexity of the cases.  All in all it was a memorable mission and everyone’s sprit was high at the end, thanks to all who worked hard to make this mission success.

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