Liberia 2019

Mission Goals

One man was struck by iron when he was working and his eye fell out. He then got a surgery done to fully remove the eye, but years later the tissue surrounding the eye grew to the size of a fist, prohibiting him from working. We were able to remove the the tissue so that his eye looked normal and he was able to go back to work.


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Mission details

Since the birth of this nation, Liberia has been plagued by poverty, diseases, civil wars, and unrest. There has not been adequate health care in this nation since its birth.

Therefore, many high risk surgeries were performed, such as the removal of a large tumor on the side of a woman’s neck, which risks the paralyzation of half of her face. People have no choice but to wait for professionals like us to come and help them due to the lack of surgical knowledge at the hospitals. We want to change this.

Our goal for this mission was to train and teach as many local health care workers how to perform common surgeries needed in the community such as tumor removals. This way, even when we leave, our impact continues. We also made note of all of the cases we were unable to get to during this mission, so that we could send a professional in that surgical field to complete these surgeries in the near future.

We plan on returning many times to Liberia in order to revamp their health care system and help the many people in need of surgical relief.

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