Morocco 2009

Mission Goals
  • Brought a team of highly-skilled ophthalmologists to Morocco to work closely with the local ophthalmologists
  • ‍Performed many new procedures for the first time in that country
  • ‍Laid the groundwork that resulted in the first eye bank in Morocco
  • ‍Performed complex reconstructive procedure resolving severe eye disfigurement in a teenage girl

Team members

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Mission details

During our mission in North Africa, Morocco, we performed urgently needed surgery on a 6- month old girl with congenital glaucoma, who without eye surgery, would otherwise have been condemned to a life of total darkness. We performed the first corneal transplants in Marrakesh, restoring vision on several patients, and opened the doors for the establishment of the first eye bank in Morocco for future corneal transplants. We reattached the retina in a 45-year father of four, who was able to return to work and support his family. Our plastic surgeon also performed cosmetic surgery on a teenage girl who was spared from a life of servitude due to her disfigurement.

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