Myanmar 2015

Mission Goals
  • Donated $150,000 worth of equipment to the Mandalay Teaching Hospital
  • Performed 65 life changing surgeries
  • Upgraded orphanages by installing new floors, beds, and cooking equipment
  • Trained local surgeons on treating stomach cancer
  • Donated clothes, toys, and books to the orphans
  • Left behind over 80 crates of medical equipment and material

Team members

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Mission details

Myanmar was governed by strict military rule, was closed to the world, and was under western sanctions of years, causing the decay of the nations infrastructure, including medical care. We developed 4 goals in order to restore the community and medical care quality:

  1. Provide free medical care to poor patients
  2. Educate the local health care providers on modern techniques and surgery
  3. Upgrade equipment in the operating room in the ICU
  4. Provide much-needed care to the orphans

With our team of 20 doctors and nurses, we were able to accomplish these goals over the course of our 12-day stay.

With us we brought 81 crates of equipment including body machines, a full laparoscopic tower, cardiac monitors, a hysteroscopy and cystoscope scope, anestesia machines, along with many other instruments needed to perform complex surgeries.

The best part is that we were able to leave behind this modern equipment for the hospitals future use. In order to allow for the future use of this equipment though, we had to teach the local surgeons and doctors how to use them and apply them to their work. The local medical care workers were so eager to learn advanced techniques and how to use modern machinery that operating rooms were packed to the brim with doctors and nurses hoping to get a peek at what we were doing.

One of the most incredible experiences was when we removed a watermelon-sized tumor on the left jaw of Daw Mu Nii. We were also able to aid a young child by performing surgery to rid him of webbed fingers so that he was able to gain hand function.

In addition to performing life-changing surgeries, we aided the 4 surrounding orphanages. Two of our members (Thomas Sullivan and Mia Dallorso) worked endlessly to install new floors, beds, and cooking equipment in each facility. We also provided the children with clothes, toys, and books and made a cash donation to the orphanage so that they can provide a better future for the orphans.

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