Nepal 2004

Mission Goals
  • This was the first time the team coordinated their mission with a national medical association, which proved to be helpful in overcoming some of the red tape.
  • The team encountered large number of burn-related disfigurement and disabilities that required coordinated work between different specialties on the team.
  • The team spent over 16 hours performing reconstructive surgery on an 11 year old chid who suffered burn injury several years earlier that due to lack of treatment led to severe disability.

Team members

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Mission details

You can definitely tell from the picture quality that this mission took place in the early 2000’s. In 2004 Team NY travelled to Nepal where they had the chance to explore the culture, get to know the locals, and most importantly improve the healthcare quality of the community. The conditions of our patients were really intense. Many came to us with full body burns, large tumors, and broken bones. To be able to help these patients was amazing. They were so grateful to have their lives back. Below are some pictures that represent our time here. They may not be of the best quality, but the moments they captured is most important.

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