Nicaragua 2006

Mission Goals
  • The team performed a large number of reconstructive procedures on patients with severe burn injuries.
  • ‍The team restored function of upper extremities to two young patients who lost the ability to use their hands due to burn contracture.
  • ‍The team trained local doctors on treatment of cleft lips, which will lead to helping many of the children there born with this defect.

Team members

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Mission details

In 2006 Team NY travelled to Nicaragua and met incredible, welcoming people with whole hearts. Nicaragua was a beautiful experience. It gave them happiness to help the community. They were able to perform many life changing surgeries including the removal/grafting of burnt skin that covered a young boys back and legs, preventing him from being able to move and causing him constant pain. During this mission, the team also went on excursions into the rainforest and to the beaches.

Blog articles

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