Nigeria 2005

Mission Goals
  • This is the first time the team worked and lived in one of the last Leper colony left in the world.
  • Due to the fact that the hospital had no operating rooms suitable for anyone the team set up 3 modern operating room in the only building in the hospital compound that had glass windows to prevent flies from entering the sterile field, these operating rooms were donated at the end of the trip to help the local doctors in providing better care to the endless number of patients in waiting.
  • As the news of the team started to spread out, many patients arrived near the end of the mission, which resulted in long hours of working.

Team members

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Mission details

In 2005 Team NY travelled to Nigeria where they helped people regain their life back. Some of the surgeries performed included: tumor removal, skin burn grafting, cleft lip surgery, and deformed bone restructuring.

Blog articles

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