Peru 2008

Mission Goals
  • Performed complex reconstructive procedures on many victims of burns and violence
  • Donated equipment and supplies to help the local doctors in providing better care to their patients
  • Trained and proctors many of the local doctors and nurses, which was rewarding to all of us  4. Provided clothes, shoes, and school supplies to tens of orphans

Team members

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Mission details

Our mission in Peru was one of the most cultured, busy, and HOT ones to date. The amount of people lined up to be treated was shocking, while also saddening. We were able to remove many large tumors that were life threatening and helped kids gain their body functionality and health back.

The days were long and tiring, but the amazing Peruvian food and spirit got us through. We also took a few days off in order to explore the beautiful country. One of the most incredible experiences was hiking to the top of Machu Picchu. Below are some of our favorite moments captured on camera.

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