Uganda 2023

Mission Goals

In their first trip to Uganda, Team Spain completed more than 120 surgeries in just eight days in the country. These life-changing procedures included more than 40 thyroidectomies, the removal of a 24-pound benign tumor that a man had been living with for 25 years, and an operation on a man with a bowel twist whose life was saved by the procedure. During the trip, volunteers also were able to check on Operation International's progress on orphanages and schools it is building in the country.


Team members

Carmen Nofuentes
General Surgeon
Medhat Allam
MD, FACS, FASMBS, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Beatriz Madrid
General Surgeon
Carmen Mico
Carlos Bernabeu
Pilar Iskra
General Surgeon
Cristina Bernabeu
General Surgeon
Encarna Moreno
Nerea Martin

Mission details

Team Spain's trip to Uganda in 2023 was the first time the group of medical professionals extended their expertise to the country.

The team was first coordinated by Dr. Carmen Nofuentes, who spent all of 2021 at the Holy Family Hospital of Techiman, Ghana. The year included one month where other team members joined Dr. Nofuentes and performed more than 200 operations.The next year, Team Spain eturned to Ghana to operate on more than 150 patients in just a few weeks

Team Spain's ability to grow and change dozens of lives in a new country is all thanks to your continued support.

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