Uganda 2019

Mission Goals
  • This was the first mission for the team to Africa.
  • In preparation for the mission the team shipped 4 fully equipped dental units including chairs, machinery, etc.
  • This was the first time residents of Rakai to receive dental mission, there are no dentists in the town itself.
  • The team trained 3 dental students, and gifted the equipment to them under condition they practice in that area.

Team members

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Mission details

This was the first mission for the team to Africa.  We chose Rakai since it is a well-run base of Operation International, which made our first far away mission easier.

In addition, Operation International was planning on shipping a container with eye equipment to establish the first eye center in that area, so it made sense to ship the dental equipment in the same container.

The team’s last working day was Friday, which was the arrival day of the eye team, so at that day there were 48 volunteers from Operation International at the same place.

The local King took the opportunity to throw a big party for both the teams that was wonderful and attended by several hundreds guests including all members of the local government who wanted to thank Operation International on the work done in Rakai district.

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