Uganda 2019

Mission Goals
  • Established the first eye center in Rakai, Uganda
  • Donated 3 fully functioning, state of the art eye operating rooms including surgical microscopes, Phaco machines, etc.
  • Restored eye sight to 147 patients who have been living in darkness for many years
  • Trained local surgeons on several new ophthalmological procedures
  • Donated over $300k worth of ophthalmological supplies

Team members

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Mission details

In June 2019, newly formed ORV made its initial trip to Rakai. This was the first ophthalmology team to ever visit that site, and the first team to ever perform eye surgery in that hospital. They completed nearly 150 surgeries in 5 days restoring vision to many people previously suffering a life of blindness.

Preparations for that visit were tremendous. The team shipped a 40’ container of equipment from New York to Rakai that included 3 surgical microscopes, 2 cataract phaco machines, 2 slit lamps, 3 indirect ophthalmoscopes, 2 keratometers, A and B scan ultrasounds, and several hundred disposable materials for eye surgery.   The team is now working tireless with the help of generous donors to try to replenish and upgrade needed supplies for their next mission there.

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