Uganda 2022

Mission Goals

Team Manhattan performed an impressive 85 surgeries during their five days in Uganda. Many of the surgeries were excisions of keloids, or thick scar tissue, and operations on enlarged thyroids that are a common problem in the country. The medical team also successfully operated on two young twins who were born with similar cleft lips and a 9-year-old with severe facial burn scars.

During the trip, donations were made both to the local hospital and to nearby orphanages where Operation International is helping build classrooms and support hundreds of children.


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Mission details

The trip to Uganda was Team Manhattan's first mission after being established in 2022 by Drs. Mona Gangar and Dilip Madnanai. The 16-person medical team is one of many from Operation International to lend their expertise to Rakai General Hospital, which the organization has been visiting since 2018.

In Uganda, patients will travel many days to reach Rakai and receive medical help from Operation International, often camping out on the hospital grounds during their stay. The free medical care makes surgery a possibility for many who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford an operation. Each of these life changing surgeries, plus the medical supplies and expertise Operation International brings to Uganda is thanks to your support.

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