Vietnam 2023

Mission Goals

In their maiden mission for Operation International, Team Cleft Repair traveled to Hue University Medicine Hospital in Vietnam. The team collaborated with the Design Capital Asia organization and focused on providing much-needed medical care to children born with cleft lip and palates. In just five days, they completed an impressive 40 surgeries.


Team members

Myhanh Nguyen
Chapter President; MSN, FNP-BC
David Perrault
Ashley Le
Alex Pham
Thang Nguyen
Chapter Treasurer
DanThuy N. Dao
Medical Director; D.O., FAAP
Peter Pham
Anesthesia co-Director; MD
Katherine Chiu
Anesthesia co-Director; MD
Jeannie Labat Butler
Nursing Director; DNP, FNP-BC
Peter Johannet
Surgeon Advisor; MD
Fernando Almas
Team Leader, DDS – FICS – FACS – MPH – PHD
Phi Long Ngọc Lê
Photographer & Patient Registration
Thoa Nguyen
Nina Yin
Hang Phan
Chanphen Saeng-Inh
Ly Ho
Thao Bui
Huy Thai
B.S/M.S/MBA & U.S. Army (Ret) Lieutenant
Tuyết Nhi Ton
Nhan Pham

Mission details

Team Cleft Repair's maiden trip to Vietnam didn't only change lives of patients, but entire families. The team operated on a pair of brothers, a set of triplets, a mother-son pair, and a set of sisters who’s parents both have epilepsy and are therefore unable to work. The team also provided education to local surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses during their trip in Vietnam.

“As we conclude our mission, the exchange of many hugs, handshakes, and words of gratitude has reinforced the significance of our efforts,” said team leader Myhanh Nguyen. “While this mission may have reached its conclusion, the impact on these children's lives will resonate for years to come.”

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