Zambia 2007

Mission Goals
  • It is the first time Operation International works closely with the Rotary Club, which is an amazing organization that we hope to establish long term relationship with.
  • The team worked in an understaffed hospital that lacks equipment, so the donated equipment will go long way to help local doctors provide proper care to their patients.
  • The team performed almost 100 complex operation working through the early hours of the morning every day.  4. We trained many of the local nurses on sterile procedures to assure better outcome and on how to monitor patients after complex operation, which is new to them.

Team members

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Mission details

In 2007 Team NY travelled to Zambia in their first mission in collaboration with the Rotary Club.  Both the Rotary Club of Riverhead, NY and the Rotary Club of Lusaka worked tirelessly to prepare for this mission.  Upon arrival the team was confronted with endless number of patients who have advanced conditions that led to the team working until early hours of morning on daily bases.  Working together with the local doctors and nurses the team was able to treat close to 100 patients efficiently.  We believe our effort in training the local staff will improve the health care quality there, and that the donated medical supplies and equipment will enable them to performe many life-changing surgeries.

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