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Erin Grizmer

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Graduated with a BSN in nursing from the University of Louisiana in 1993. She has worked the majority of her career in the intensive care unit and the post anesthesia unit at Southampton Hospital. She accompanied I.S.M.S. to Ecuador in 2012 and found it to be one of the most unbelievable trips she had ever participated in. “Taking care of people in need is so rewarding but, to do it with such a brilliant dynamic team – that is amazing!”

Member of:
Board of DirectorsTeam HeartsTeam ChicagoTeam Cleft RepairTeam DentalTeam ENTTeam FLTeam Hong KongTeam KidsTeam Los AngelesTeam ManhattanTeam MichiganTeam NeuroTeam New YorkTeam OrthopedicTeam Restore VisionTeam SpainTeam Surgical ReliefTeam UKWomen's Health