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Tuyết Nhi Ton

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I was born in Da Nang, Viet nam and immigrated to America with my family when I was fourteen. When I was 9 years old, I was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis that made my joints supper painful. As a young kid, being in and out of the hospital was not fun; however the charity porridge in the hospital was so good that made me look forward to every morning. I can still remember the smell and the taste of it after more than a decade has passed. My experience with illness has shaped me to who I am today and inspired me to become a nurse. I have been working as a nurse for almost 5 years. I started being a certified nursing assistant while studying at San Francisco State university for my nursing degree. I have worked in telemetry, medical surgical, and emergency. Working as a nurse has allowed me to help so many people in their most vulnerable stage. I was fortunate to receive a lot of help and charity when I was sick as a kid; therefore, I strive to give back to others in need like I was before. I am excited to join this mission for the first time. I hope I can help as many kids in my homeland as possible. Children only get what we give them. And I hope to make a difference in their lives.

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