Team Michigan’s mission to Migori, Kenya – 2014

Attention: this post contains some graphic images of surgical procedures

Mission to Migori, Kenya, 2014

Orphans from the Kenya relief Brittany’s house of grace welcoming the team to migori Kenya.After a team meeting we all headed to bed for a much needed rest. Triaging to start tomorrow. Surgeries Monday.

A little reminder of home!

The team arrived in Migori after an 8 hour bumpy journey through the Rift Valley. We were welcomed by the children in the orphanage.

After triaging the patients and organizing the operation rooms, we started surgeries Monday running 3 beds. The team is working very well together.

The general team have been doing many thyroidectomy and hernias – and apart from a small fire in the operation room which added to the fun, everything went smoothly. The plastic team has done burns, lipomas, hands and one long case on a 14 year old albino boy with cancer on his face.

It’s been a great mission so far. Today we finish with 15 more cases before we pack up the operation room and head to the Mara.
Kenya relief have been great hosts and a bond has been formed.

November 6th:
We finished our last case at 5pm after a great mission in Migori . Every member of the team worked really well together and will be taking home unforgettable memories. 38 surgeries were completed in 3 days with a small team. Many thyroidectomies, hernias, lipoma removal, hand cases, burns and reconstructive surgeries were performed.

Dr Praveen Prasad general surgeon with some of the team members post mission

Erin Vernetti, Operation Room Nurse, waiting to load up the crates being brought back to the US

The team post mission relaxing in the masi Mara.