First update from Team Michigan in Ecuador

Hello Family and Friends,

We are HERE!!! Everything went smoothly and all of the baggage got here which is amazing. Everyone made the connecting flight in Atlanta and it was so exciting for us to meet many of our other team members there. The energy was amazing as everyone was just so excited for what the future week had in store. It was fun for both of us to hear about everyone’s history and what they were most excited for during the mission. As students, Anna and I (Emily) are so excited to learn from these amazing health professionals and we feel so lucky to be here. Most of the bags were checked in Detroit and the traveling portion of the journey here was very smooth. When we arrived in Ecuador we were greeted by our hosts and all of the bags were loaded into many trucks. It was a very tight fit as I don’t think they understood how many bags with supplies we were bringing. It is hard for someone to imagine the amount of supplies we bring and it is in moments like that when you are loading all of the bags that you see where the donations and fundraising money goes. All of our team members are such hard workers and everyone chipped in to help get the bags loaded. We were unloaded and everyone was ready to go to bed very early this morning. We all slept well and are still quite tired from our day of travel but we are also so energized about what we are about to do. This morning the doctors saw a few patients here just to assess them and see if we could help them. We are about to go on a 5 hour tour of Quito and it is so beautiful here so we can’t wait. Then we will drive to Riobamba and get settled in. Triage starts to tomorrow!!! Everyone says hi to family and friends and we just wanted to say we got here!

Go Green! Go White!!


Emily Smith, Anna Schwietering, Caili Dalian and the rest of the Operation International Team Michigan