Hamptons.com 6/1/18 - 'Hamptons-Based Operation International Aids Over 300 During Successful Medical Mission In Uganda'


In Uganda, a single, local hospital with only four physicians services a population of almost 500,000. However, during the Operation International's latest medical mission a team of OI physicians, nurses, clinicians and many other volunteers attended to over 350 impoverished adults and children, delivered $600,000 worth of medical supplies and visited three orphanages. READ MORE

The Independent 5/22/18 - 'Operation International Has Just Returned from a Very Successful Medical Mission to Rakai, Uganda'


“For us, the best medicine is celebrating the joy of life,” said Medhat Allam, MD, the co-founder of Operation International.

Operation International, a foundation headquartered in Southampton, has just returned from a very successful medical mission to Rakai, Uganda. In Rakai, a population of almost 500,000 must rely on a single local hospital that employs just four physicians. READ MORE

27 East 5/7/2018 - 'East End Garden Festival Enters 23rd Year'


A team of doctors, clinicians, nurses and aides in New York made its first international trip to Haiti in 1997 to give medical care to adults and children afflicted with disease and congenital disorders, living in inadequate conditions and lacking access to quality health care. Two decades later Operation International—formerly called International Surgical Mission Support—is still operational. The surgical humanitarian organization will be one of the recipients of funds raised at the 23rd annual East End Garden Festival this weekend in Riverhead. READ MORE

Hamptons.com 3/2/18 - 'Southampton’s Operation International Hopes To Fund Latest Mission At Winter Fundraiser'


Operation International, a Southampton-based 501(c) (3) nonprofit, is hosting a Winter Fundraiser on Friday, March 16. Taking place at American Whiskey Restaurant in New York City, the benefit will help fund Operation International's Team New York's upcoming mission. READ MORE

Riverhead News Review 09/01/2016 'Riverhead Doctors on a Mission to Save Lives Across the Globe'


Dr. Rajesh Patel was
standing inside a big, empty hospital in a remote region of Brazil in 1999 when a nurse summoned him to the emergency room. Lying on the floor was a pregnant 16-year-old, seizing and frothing at the mouth. 
Recognizing the girl was in the throes of eclampsia, a life-threatening pregnancy complication for which delivery is the only treatment, Dr. Patel ran outside to locate his colleagues Dr. Medhat Allam and Dr. Ravi Kothuru. READ MORE

Riverhead Local 12/08/2014
'Operation International Gets Support for Spring 2015 Mission to Burma'


Local business owners and community members have raised $150,000 to help cover the cost of the trip, which will send a team of doctors to Mandalay, Burma in February. READ MORE

Oakland Press News 09/07/2013 'Farmington Hills, Southfield Doctors Travel to Kenya to Perform Free Surgery'

A 6-year-old boy was playing with friends when he was pushed into a fire, sustaining third-degree burns all over his body... READ MORE

Team ORV in VENÜ Magazine

VENÜ Magazine has published an article about Team ORV’s recent Operation Restore Vision project in Nepal.


Birmingham Patch 07/29/2013 'Birmingham Surgeon Returns from Another Mission to Kenya'

Super 04/29/2013 'Manos Gringas Operarán Gratis'

READ MORE (in Spanish Only)

CNN iReport 08/06/2012 'A Serendipitous Surgery'

27 East 12/13/2011 'Local Doctors Save Sight on Nepal Mission'

Connections 08/07/2011 'NYEEI Staff Join ORB to Help Restore Vision'

Several members of The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary’s professional staff have joined the International Surgical Mission Support’s “Operation Restore Vision (ORV),” whose objective is to bring back vision, prevent blindness and repair eye deformities in patients in poor and underdeveloped countries. The initiative provides comprehensive ophthalmic surgery services for free and trains local medical professionals to carry on its work. READ MORE

The Suffolk Times 02/04/2010 'East End Doctor Helps Haitians'

The Southampton Press 05/22/2008 'Doctors Find a Crowd Waiting in Peru'

KDHamptons 5/21/18 - 'Operation International Team NY Travels to Rakai, Uganda Providing Health Care for Impoverished Adults & Children'


Operation International shares some lifesaving news with KDHamptons from a very successful medical mission to Rakai, Uganda, where a population of just under 500,000 people must rely on one local hospital that employs only four physicians. The amazing team of physicians, nurses, clinicians and other volunteers attended to over 350 impoverished adults and children, delivered $600,000 worth of medical equipment and supplies, and visited three orphanages.  Many of the medical team are based here in the Hamptons, including nurse Patty Mitchell, who works with my husband Dr. Mark Kot at Southampton Urgent Medical Care. READ MORE

27 East 1/17/18 - 'Medical Missionaries With Southampton Roots Open Eye Hospital In Nepal'


Several dozen Nepali men, women and children cling to the backs of family members, slowly and unsteadily making their way down the steep Himalayan mountains near Bhakunde Besi, Nepal’s poorest district, with a population of more than 600,000.Their eyes wrapped in surgical gauze, and their fingers intertwined with those carrying them at more than 3,000 feet above sea level, they were returning to their homes after receiving treatment for a variety of eye diseases—common ailments caused by the lack of oxygen at such high altitudes. READ MORE

The Independent 3/14/18 - 'Operation International'


Join local Hamptons Charity, Operation International, for a winter fundraiser in New York City on Friday from 6:30 to 10 PM at American Whiskey Restaurant. The event will support Operation International’s Team New York’s mission to Rakai, Uganda this April. The team will treat in-need patients, with complex surgical pathology, and will provide supplies to orphans in the area. READ MORE

Team ORV's Press Release - 2015 Mission to Nepal

U.S. Medical Team Sets Sights on Curing Blindness in Remote Gorkha Region of Nepal

Restore Vision Expedition Targets 1,800 Villagers in Impoverished Roadless Region. READ MORE

Team ENT Featured on ENT & Allergy Magazine

Birmingham Patch 07/29/2013 'Birmingham Surgeon Returns from Another Mission to Kenya'


Birmingham residents Dr. Mehul Mehta and wife, Claire, recently returned from another mission to Kenya where they and two dozen doctors and medical specialists performed life-changing surgeries.  READ MORE

Sound Magazine 'A Picture Tells a Thousand Words'

Team ENT is featured in an article in Sound Magazine.  READ MORE

El Mercurio 04/29/2013 'Hoy Jornada de Cirugías en el Vicente Corral'

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Leica Camera Blog 01/10/2012 'Gigi Stoll: The Daisy School, Kakamega, Kenya 2012'

27 East 06/20/2011 'Medical Mission Team Sees Resilient Sprits in Site of Devasation in Haiti'

Daily News 12/01/2011 'Operation Restore Vision helps impoverished residents of Pokhara, Nepal'

The Detroit News 10/31/2011 'Mission Is Possible'


Adonde 10/02/2012 'Doctores del este de Long Island encuentran grupo de-enfermos esperandoles en Pu'

The Southampton Press 05/29/2008 'Sad Cases Among Patients in Peru'